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Covid-19 Response

Operations During COVID-19

Thank you, everyone, for your efforts, your compassion, and understanding bringing this region of South Florida to a safe and sustainable position. We are thankful for your support, your assistance, and your guidance through the past year and a half. From all of our staff here at Cape Royal Golf Club, we wish good health to you and everyone.

Below you will find our club procedures, policies and actions in awareness to the Coronavirus beginning June 1st, 2021.

- Sean Biggs, General Manager Call Sean at (239) 283-5522.

Food & Beverage at the Caloosa Club

The Caloosa Club restaurant will be open for full service as well as the outside patio dining area. Takeout is always available. In order to provide you with a safe and clean environment in the restaurant and outside patio dining area, here is a list of procedures and actions we will continue to follow:

  1. All employees who work inside the clubhouse and restaurant will be wearing a mask.
  2. We encourage all guests that will be traversing the clubhouse to wear a mask. Though this is not a requirement for those individuals who have been vaccinated according to the CDC, we still encourage our patrons to wear them.
  3. We will be providing 1x use paper menus to all guests.
  4. Condiments and salt and pepper will be served in Togo packaging. Additional sauces will be served in plastic ramekins
  5. We will be providing wrapped silverware to all guests. Stainless steel silverware can be provided upon request, and we will be using stainless steel and linen for dinner service.
  6. Chairs, barstools, and tables will be cleaned and wiped with disinfectant after each use. Additionally, we will be using Blue and Yellow signs in the restaurant stating "Cleaned and Sanitized" to communicate when a table has been properly serviced.
  7. No gathering or clustering of large groups will be allowed in the restaurant. We request all individuals are to be seated when indoors.
  8. The waiting area for a table will be located outside.

Golf Operations

  1. All employees who work in the clubhouse will be wearing a mask.
  2. 1x time-use Gloves are available for all customers who need to utilize the credit card machine for payment.
  3. Cash is accepted, we recommend customers use the 1x use gloves.
  4. Outside services will be allowed to clean clubs and assist with golf bags providing the distance near guests does not exceed 10 minutes.
  5. For the remainder of the summer months, after your round, you may drive the golf cart to your car and unload. Please be safe, drive slow, and return the cart to the designated area. October 2021 and through the season, golf carts will not be allowed in the parking lot.
  6. Water will be available on the course at the drinking stations on Queen 5 and King 6.
  7. Pay by phone option. Anytime before your round, you may call us at the golf shop to pay by credit card if you do not wish to come inside.
  8. We will be removing the foam inserts in the cups. If you do not wish to touch the flag, we encourage you to leave it in while you are putting.
  9. Ball washers and rakes will return to the tee boxes and the bunkers.
  10. Vinyl Cart Dividers are always available for those who request.
  11. Cape Royal Golf Club golf cart policy is 2 Cape Royal Golf Carts per tee time.

We will continue taking the steps needed to ensure that your health and safety are our first priority. Our operations will continue to meet all government requirements, and we will follow all of our internal guidelines. I hope we have your trust and faith to provide you with a safe dining experience, and enjoyable golf recreation.

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